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FG Dev Tools - Conversion Checker

by SmiteWorks

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To use this tool, enable the "Dev: Conversion Checker" extension on the load screen of the campaign you are testing in.

For the Conversion Checker, click the button on the top right of the Fantasy Grounds desktop that has a hammer and gears on it. Select the .mod file you want to check in the combobox (or your current campaign) and click 'check'. Any problems will be shown in a table followed by any links that were produced (does not produce a link for all problems).

A Database path head is the left most word before the first period. Common Database path heads and their meanings can be found in the developer section of the wiki.

To use the Link Opener select the .mod file you want to check in the combobox (or your current campaign). Click the Link Opener window. Select the first number box and enter how many windows to open, then click "Open Next Set of Links" button until the second number in the "opened start/end" section stops increasing.

Known issues:

  • Invalid characters may cause an error that won't allow you to use this to check certain modules

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