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Cyberpunk RED - Elflines Online

by seansps

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Cyberpunk RED - Elflines Online

Elflines Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game created by Segotari as a launch title for their RUSH REVOLUTION Interactive Braindance headset. Players face off against the forces of darkness and enemy players on Citinet servers, competing for the best items and server first boss kills.

The Cyberpunk RED ruleset has full built-in support for the Elflines Online DLC from R. Talsorian Games!

Simply load the Elflines Online module, as the player or the Gamemaster, open the Character Select window, and then click the new button that appears labeled, "Sign-up for Elflines Online."

The Elflines Online (ELO) module unlocks:

·   The ability to create your own ELO character right in Fantasy Grounds, using the Character Wizard feature of the Cyberpunk RED ruleset, following all the rules outlined by the DLC from R. Talsorian Games

·   A custom built ELO character sheet within Fantasy Grounds with all the custom ELO skills

·   Tracking your Elf's level, with the ability to Level Up and select your bonuses at each level

·   Automatic Title setting based on your Elf's STAT allocation

·   All reference material from each of the following  Elflines Online  DLCs:  Elflines Online ,  Elflines Online Expansion Pack 1 , and  Daeric Sylar's Guide to Elflines Online

·   The map of the ELO world, with all locations keyed to reference manual entries

·   All the items and NPCs as outlined in the above DLCs

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Unity license and the Cyberpunk Red ruleset. Compatible with Fantasy Grounds Unity

Note: This requires the Official version of the Cyberpunk RED ruleset available here.

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