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Trust Issues for 5E (Lock Character Sheet)

by damned

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Compatibiity with latest CoreRPG updates!

Trust issues for 5E locks key fields to prevent them from being accidentally modified during the game. 

The GM can lock all sheets using /pclock and unlock them with /pcunlock or the GM can unlock sheets individually by clicking on that characters padlock icon on their character sheet.

Character sheets will have a padlock beside their name to indicate whether the sheet is locked or not.

This is the first public release and locks the following fields:

  • All Abilities
  • All Saves
  • Proficiency
  • Max HP
  • Perception
  • All Skills (Misc field)

Added some further compatibility updates.
Now includes a second extension called 5E Trust Issues - Alt which may work better when using some combinations of extensions that seem to hide the padlock. Only enable one or the other 5E Trust Issues extensions.


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