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300+ Portrait / Token Pack - AI Generated

by Aladars Assets

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A pack of over 300 new portraits, all fantasy inspired images.  An easy way to grab a large selection for your games. 

Most are human, but there are some elves, dwarves and such.  The AI struggled with anthropomorphic, so there are some tabaxi but not for much use other than as tokens.  The AI also just mangled halflings, so I didn't include any here.  Or gnomes.  The majority of the portraits are human or elf, and some of them are fantastic even when zoomed in.  They could be used for more than just character portraits; as pictures for NPCs or such in games.  But for the most part, the images are all flawed, but not so much that they won't suffice as your character portrait/token.

This pack is Pay What You Like.  It really is OK if that's zero.  If you want to support: buy one of our other products.  Or donate 50 coins.  Thanks!

NOTE:  After downloading a token pack, you can find the images under the Assets window.  You will see subfolders there for AI Tokens.  From that window, you drag them onto a character/NPC sheet.  They will not appear in the module activation screen, they just appear in AssetsTokens.  For more info:

HINT: you can unzip the module file and access the actual .JPG files in Fantasy Grounds\modules.  This does not go into the vault.  From there, do what you like with the images.

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