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Cyberpunk RED - Night City Tarot

by seansps

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Cyberpunk RED - Night City Tarot

This DLC from R. Talsorian Games contains new rules to bring more intense Critical Injuries and other outcomes to your Cyberpunk RED game, featuring a unique set of Tarot Cards.

Developer Notes: 

To get the full effect of the DLC, subscribe to the "Decked Out" extension here. The conversion contains two Decks for use with this Extension. If you prefer to use a standard Table in Fantasy Grounds, two Tables have been provided as well.

The Effects for the Cards themselves are not automated, but a new option in the Settings has been added to disable the usual critical injury mechanic when rolling three or more 6s for damage. This option is:  "Night City Tarot: If three 6s are rolled for damage, do not auto-roll critical injuries." It has three values:

  • Never (default) -- never uses the Tarot rules for three or more 6s
  • Always -- always ignores the usual critical rules and outputs "Draw a Tarot Card" for three or more 6s
  • Once -- only ignores the usual critical rules and outputs "Draw a Tarot Card" for three or more 6s the first time it is rolled in a session (per the rules of the DLC)

Additionally, the above output will be ignored for damage rolled from "Shell" ammunition or damage with the "Explosives" effect.

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Unity license and the Cyberpunk Red ruleset. Compatible with Fantasy Grounds Unity

Note: Requires the official Cyberpunk RED ruleset available here on the Fantasy Grounds store.

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