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Shadowdark Quickstart Ruleset

by Gwydion

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With permission from The Arcane Library (Kelsey Dionne), I have created a basic version of the Shadowdark Quickstart ruleset.  For now I only have the quickstart player info, character sheet, etc.. I'm working on adding in the bestiary.  As I have time I will create a ref manual for both the player and gamemaster guides but that will take a bit of time.  For now, with the character sheet and all item, spell, classs, etc. records it should be close to playable so I wanted to get it out for folks to start using.  Please note my work life is very challenging so I will work on it when I can but might take some time.  

Special shoutout to damned for XCore ruleset.  If you haven't checked it out I encourage you to do so.  Very flexible and easy to work with.

Here is a character creation video I posted to youtube to get you started:

If you want the pdf's for the quickstart rules you can find them here:

UPDATE: Build 5 corrects some spellcasting issues, updates priest spells to add wisdom modifier, adds eight pregen characters and a .ppk file for portraits for the pregens.

Build 6 adds a counter to all spells with the title "Active".  It is set to "1" but if you fail a spell, set it to "0" to note that it is not available again until after a rest.

Build 8 includes automation for Backstab and Cure wounds such that as you level up these abilities/spells will update.  Just need to doubleclick on the gear icon at the top right of the sheet to refresh.  Also automate stat modifiers so that once you set the core state, the modifier will auto update after you refresh the sheet.

Build 9 includes character creation story entries/templates

Please make sure to subscribe to the Xcore rule system as well in order to use this module!

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