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Starfinder Ammunition Manager

by SoxMax

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Originally part of bmos' Ammunition Manager, the Starfinder portion has been split out due to Starfinder's requirements and workflows diverging significantly from the rest of the rulesets.

Compatibility and Instructions

This extension has been tested with FantasyGrounds Unity 4.3.3 (2023-02-23).

This extension only works with the Starfinder ruleset.


    • Reloading will allow you to choose what ammunition to load into the gun based on what's in your inventory.
    • Attacking will mark-off ammunition automatically. Messages will post to chat if there is no ammunition available or the last bit of ammo was ued up.
    • An "INFAMMO" effect negates the counting of used ammo.
    • Enabling the "Chat: Show weapon name in results" option will add the weapon name to attack results in chat such as "Attack [16] - [at Goblin] with Shortsword [HIT]" instead of "Attack [16] - [at Goblin] [HIT]".
    • NOTE: Some starfinder ammo is actually a container of smaller ammo, notably Batteries which hold charges. For now the quanity of batteries should be set to the charge of the battery for ammo counting.

    Issues and Source

    The code is hosted at:
    If you run into any problems please open an issue here:

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