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RNG Loot Table

by Mournfulpuma

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This table allows for random loot to be generated for the party. It rolls a series of tables from the main "Loot Categories" Table and gives you completely random loot based on the number rolled on each dice through each table. It is also 100% customizable, so if you don't enjoy some of the items, you want to add more, take away, or even change them you have the liberty to do so!

This saves you the trouble of adding each individual item, figuring out a good number to base the item on, and building the many tables involved.

I currently am using these Tables in a custom campaign, so there may be some items or loot rules that you don't want, and that's perfectly fine. As I said previously if an item isn't up to snuff, change it! I also am not completely sure if the custom items I have made will transfer over, if not there will only be very few blank spaces in the table as I've attempted to use DnD 5E items to make it easier for other users.

The loot rolled will show up in the Chat Box and from there can either be dragged to the player's character sheet or simply written in (Depending on the item).

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