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Unearthed Spoils #002 - White Desolation (5e)

by Grimlore

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The land of the midnight sun has an opposite season, the endless night. Whichever one a hardy traveler finds themselves in, it is never as empty as it might seem.

Unearthed Spoils #002 - White Desolation contains the following content:

  • WAY OF THE FLOE - These monks are the hardiest of mind and body, and following this tradition will ensure you are as well.
  • OATH OF THE NARROW PATH - These stoic paladins have no time for chaos or hedonism.
  • BACKGROUND: TRAPPER - You grew up around traps and know how to spot them.
  • COLD SNAP SPELLS - The land of ice and snow is hardly a winter wonderland, but these dwoemers can help.
  • FROSTED MAGIC ITEMS - Eleven charmed items to make life easier in a whiteout.
  • GLACIAL CREATURES - You might not see them coming, but you will feel their chilling bite.
  • 8th-LEVEL ADVENTURE - Royal nuptials have been interrupted by a missing bride. Either she got cold feet or colder ones have taken her. A bounty is up for grabs for those tough enough to brave the End of the World and bring back the bride.

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