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Theogeek's Improved Critical

by TheoGeek

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(The Brutal Barbarian icon was designed by Glassstaff ([email protected]) who has granted me the rights to use his icon in association with my extensions within Fantasy Grounds in any way, but not for redistribution outside of this extension, forge, for printing, or use in any other application.  Please honor that licensing.)

I made I made this extension because I have had players be consistently disappointed in critical hits that do less damage than a standard hit. This extension has grown and morphed as players desired different options (and so did I) but in a nutshell, it started out to only modify the Rules As Written (RAW) to max the standard damage dice when rolling critical damage, but has morphed to include effect damage, being able to select which damage dice are maximized (even up to max total damage), double damage (stacks with max damage), and even adding initial Pathfinder 2 support.

For a more detailed description, see the forum entry here.

Current version: 8.1

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