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Syrinscape Sound Chat Triggers

by rob2e

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Total Subscribers: 311


This is a module for use with the Fantasy Grounds VTT software.


Click here for instructions WIKI

To use THIS module, you MUST HAVE "Fantasy Grounds Syrinscape Sound Links" (available here).

Please be aware that this module requires a SuperSyrin subscription in order to operate.

Fantasy Grounds Syrinscape Chat Triggers - an addendum to Fantasy grounds Syrinscape Sound Links.

This Fantasy Grounds module contains premade chat triggers for use with the Syrinscape Sounds extension and module.

This module requires that the Syrinscape Sounds Extension and Module are enabled and loaded for your campaign.

This module includes over 400 premade chat triggers which will automatically play sounds as you and your players cast spells, make attack rolls, take rests, and much more.

See the video below.

As this is a complicated programmed feature, if you are having any issues, come to our Discord and tag @Mattekure so he can help you...

Discord server -

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