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Custom Damage Manager

by rob2e

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This is an EXTENSION for use with the 5th Edition D&D ruleset in the Fantasy Grounds VTT.


Ever heard of falling damage?

Maybe even crushing damage or drowning damage?

Perhaps you want to play a sci-fi-flavored game and wish to use plasma damage.

You could even have a special damage type that is the only type of damage your BBEG can be hurt by, and your players are on an epic quest to find mythic weapons to deal with the final battle!

This extension will help automate the unique damage types in the 5th edition content modules for the Fantasy Grounds VTT.


Custom Damage Manager can add and delete whatever kind of damage your brain can think of!

“Poop damage is now a thing!” ~Robyn Nix

Custom Damage Manager is fully compatible with ALL rulesets supported by FG!

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