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Portals - REVAMPED!

by rob2e

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This is a 5th Edition D&D content module for the Fantasy Grounds VTT.



When it comes to playing 5th Edition D&D, a lot of time is expended moving characters between maps.

The Portals extension allows you to define areas on a map that link to other areas on the same map or different maps.

Whenever a PC or NPC steps on a portal, the extension will prompt the user about moving to the linked location or teleport them instantly based on the portal’s configuration.

A single portal can link to multiple portals or it can be an exit-only portal making the teleport a one-way trip.

The Portals extension supports the Fantasy Grounds CoreRPG ruleset and any ruleset that builds upon it.

As this is a complicated programmed feature, if you are having any issues, come to our Discord and tag @Diablobob so he can help you...

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