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Automatic Record Links

by rob2e

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This is an EXTENSION and MODULE for use with the Fantasy Grounds VTT.

The intention is to help organize your games.

Automatic Record Links is an extension that provides automated linking of information.

The text or description fields of "Story" records, "NPC" records, and "Quest" records will automatically be compared to your "Story", "Image", "Table", "NPC", "Battle", "Item", "Vehicles", "PC", and "Quest" records.

The name of the record being matched will ignore a numbered index prefix.

So records like "00.00.00 Index" will be matched to the word "index".

The name of the record and the text being compared is not case sensitive.

Symbols like - and ' will cause the adjacent characters to be merged together.

So "Kuo-toa" will match with "kuotoa".

Other symbols become an empty space.

So "Drow (variant)" will match to "Drow variant" as well as "Drow" and or "Variant".

If a record is found, filters will be displayed above the link window associated with what type of links are available to filter.

***PLEASE NOTE: Records that cannot be modified may not be filtered. Copy the record by dragging the shortcut to the matching data library, or if it's an NPC, you can put it in the combat tracker.

See the video of it in action below...

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