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Random Encounter Generator

by rob2e

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This is an EXTENSION AND A MODULE for use with the Fantasy Grounds VTT.


The Random Encounter Generator 5E is here to save you from calculating an appropriate encounter ever again.

Get your PCs on the Party Sheet, load up some NPCs, fire up the generator from the Encounter window and you're ready to make your players fight for their lives with the click of a button!

Filters allow you to narrow down generated encounters to the type, speed, or biome!

Biomes can be filled with NPCs and named for whatever environment you plan to make your party trudge through!

The frigid Arctic, the blistering Desert, dangerous Mountains, dense Urban landscapes, and more!

The module which is included provides a Reference Manual and a list of premade Biomes that utilize NPCs from the Monster Manual, Volos Guide to Monsters, Tome of Foes, and the Dungeon Masters Guide.

See the video below...

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