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Javin's Action Chat Bubbles

by rob2e

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This is an EXTENSION and MODULE for use with the Fantasy Grounds VTT designed to enhance your games.


Javin's Action Chat Bubbles is a Fantasy Grounds extension that makes it possible for player characters to automatically speak in the chat window when they are performing certain actions with spells and equipment, like casting Vicious Mockery or attacking with a longsword.

With this extension Fantasy Grounds can be easily configured to use rollable tables when certain actions occur and then print a speech bubble from the player into the chat window automatically, that could include a joke, insult, magic incantation, or whatever might bring more enjoyment, immersion, and laughter to your games.

In addition to making your own tables it is also possible to leverage pre-built tables for Fantasy Grounds, like the following:

• Ginny Di's Vicious Mockery - 100 D&D Insults for Fantasy Grounds
• rob2e's Bardic Yo Momma Jokes
• VeX's Vicious Mockery Insult Generator for Fantasy Grounds

Quick Overview

  1. Copy Javins_Action_Chat_Bubbles.ext into your Fantasy Grounds extensions folder.
  2. If you want easy access to the directions and some example tables, you can also copy Javins_Action_Chat_Bubbles.mod into your Fantasy Grounds modules folder.
  • These folders can be found by clicking the Open Data Folder icon near the top left of the Fantasy Grounds welcome screen.

When you are loading your campaign, ensure that you enable Javin's Action Chat Bubbles in the extension list. In your campaign create at least one properly named JAC table and SHARE it with the players.

  • Note: It is important that all of the tables used by this extension are SHARED with the players (marked public).

When a player or the GM triggers an action with a related JAC table, a speech bubble will appear in the chat from the character containing the results of the roll on the table.

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