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Starfinder SRD

by Evolivolution

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The unofficial Starfinder SRD for Fantasy Grounds.

So you want to play Starfinder on Fantasy Grounds? You've come to the right place!

These modules not only aim to give you access to the full SRD, but also come with some awesome additional features that will help you play or run Starfinder on Fantasy Grounds.

Starfinder SRD

  • Reference Manual
  • PC Template (with pre-made basic actions)
  • NPC Templates (from AA1)
  • Item Templates (from SFE) for:
    • Light & Heavy Armor
    • Basic & Advanced Melee Weapons
    • Small Arms, Longarms, Heavy & Sniper Weapons
  • Trap Templates (from CRB)
  • Vehicle Templates (from TR)
  • Starship Templates (from SOM)
  • 3 sets of Letter Tokens by GM Lazarus

Starfinder SRD - Character Options

  • Themes (up to SFE)
  • Feats (up to SFE)
  • Spells (up to SFE)

Starfinder SRD - Equipment

  • Light & Heavy Armor (up to SFE)
  • Weapons (up to SFE)

Starfinder SRD - GM Module

  • Currently Empty

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