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Alternative Wound Colors

by Griogre

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Alternative Wound Colors

This free extension changes:

  • the wound number colors in the combat tracker
  • the dot or wound bar colors on map tokens
  • the wound and hit dice vertical bars colors for characters on the party sheet

It works with both the D&D 4E and 5E rulesets.

The tiered colors are:

  • Blue for Healthy  (    )
  • Green for Light Wounds  (     )
  • Orange for Moderate Wounds  (     )
  • Red for Heavy Wounds  (     )
  • Black for Critical Wounds  (     )
  • Gray for Dying, Unconscious, Dead  (     )

Light and Critical Wounds are omitted if you don't have the option Detailed Wounds on.

For standard (gradient) settings wounded creature colors will shift from green to red for wounds of 1 to 50% and from red to black for 51% to 99% wounds, with unwounded creatures being blue and dead/dying being gray.

Axebeak tokens by 2-Minute Tabletop.

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