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Mad Nomad's Automatic Actions

by Mad Nomad

5.00 Avg. rating
Total Subscribers: 563


This extension will AUTOMATICALLY add the actions tab codings from the Rob Twohy modules as you build or adjust your PC. When you add a class, feat, item, race trait, and when leveling up, this extension will AUTOMATICALLY add the corresponding actions and effect codes to your actions tab. It also categorizes and organizes each entry for you. 

This product can be used on its own if you set up effects for things in advance but it adds the most value and is easiest to use when used with Rob Twohy's (rob2e) coding bundle. 

Check out the demo video

Past purchasers from DMs Guild:

Use my Forge Upgrader extension to get a forge copy

Update Log


Added option to autoload or not autoload rob2e modules


Added compatibility with Rob2E Module Updater




Added compatibility with newer Rob2E effects

Improved speed

Better action page organization and prevention of dupliactes

Fixed some bugs with specific items


Minor update that will not affect most people. You can now use other modules as sources of auto actions (such as exports of stuff you made in your own campaign). Those modules must have "Custom Actions" in their title.

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