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Mad Nomad's Coin Manager

by Mad Nomad

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A bunch of enhancements to help you better manage currency in your game.

  • Locks down currency fields for players, instead giving them explicit windows to buy or receive currency for things
  • Automatically subtract or add currencies to players' sheets, handling the math.
  • Currency converter
  • Window that makes it easy for GMs to assign or remove coins from desired players
  • Customized chat messages when players spend or recieve currency

Demo Video

MNM Coin Manager Demo

Compatible Rulesets

D&D 5E (but with the upgrade, it will work on any CORE based ruleset)

Required Extensions

MNM Core (free)

If using a non 5E ruleset, also requires MNM Coin Manager Upgrade

Related Extensions

MNM Coin Manager Upgrade

MNM Buy and Sell Items

Extension General Reminder
It is impossible to ensure all extensions work with each other, so I can't guarantee there will not be conflicts. Even with FGU updates, functional extensions can break. I can't guarantee this extension will always work, but I do my best to keep extensions updated ASAP. This is also an initial release and there will likely be some bugs I will have to work out in the first week or so. Especially with less common rulesets. So please contact me on my Discord if you find any issues.

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