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Adellos Wizards Legacy Token Set 1: Caucasian Students

by Adellos

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Ready to start the new year in school? We sure hope you are!
To aid you in this endeavour, we have created this set containing a total of 250 tokens depicting caucasian students of the magical arts.
This collection of round portrait-style tokens contains 50 individual, high quality artworks: 25 students with male and 25 with female appearance (10 children and 15 teens of caucasian ethnicity each), all in five different frames (green, red, yellow/gold, gun metal and wood).

The set includes .png files and optimised .webp files. These tokens will fit well in any victorian era or modern setting spiraling around learning the magical arts.
All the students belong to a house best fitting their character traits, the four houses mascots are: Griffin, Raven, Snake and Badger by the way.

VTT tokens can be used on platforms such as:, Fantasy Grounds (Unity), Foundry VTT and many more.

So now you're here. Looking at the towers of a truly ancient castle that's supposed to teach you all the things you were told are just fantasy. Yet you are here, seeing it with your own eyes. Granted, you couldn't rightfully believe it when you got the letter. A letter explaining that you are gifted with a awakened talent known as magic and that you are invited to visit a school in which you're supposed to learn more about that talent. You feel the weight of a hand on your shoulder: A friendly looking teacher next to you says: "Come on, there is much to learn!" - The gate to the castles great hall opens and you step into a world of wizardry and witchcraft...

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This product contains assets that were partially procedurally generated with the aid of creative software powered by machine learning, and then underwent post-production by digital artists.

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