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Mad Nomad's Character Sheet Effects Display

by Mad Nomad

4.75 Avg. rating
Total Subscribers: 364


When effects are applied to the Combat Tracker, your character sheet will visually update to reflect the effects on them.

This extension also introduces two new effect codes.

MAXHP: X; and Speed+X or Speed-X; where X can be any negative or positive number, like MAXHP: 10 or MAXHP: -5 or Speed+15 or Speed-5

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Past purchasers from DMs Guild:

There is currently no way to transfer your purchases to the forge. Updates will continue to be made at DMs guild as well and you will be able to download them on the My Library section.

Update Nov 4 2021:

Added support for Custom effects, it will no longer break those.

Added Speed=X as new effect that will change PCs speed.

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