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WASS Community Ruleset

by Swissman65

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this is an Unofficial, community-created ruleset containing no copyrighted content.
the aim of this extension is to make the "Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound" roleplaying game playable on Fantasy Grounds Unity
this extension contains most of the rolls used to do skill tests/attacks/casts
This "Ruleset" lays heavily on the Xcore ruleset, as of now, there is no new functionality other than what Xcore has to offer (skill issue on my side, but suggestions are welcome!)

What is contained in this extension?

  • Dice rolls for skills and combat with successes and fails
  • Attributes and armor calculation (for attacks also!)
  • templates for creating a character, NPC, weapon, and a spell

Future projects:
recoloring the different frames (my skill is limited to basic GIMP interactions we'll see )

If you find any errors or have questions/suggestions or need help with something please let me know in the forum thread

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