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Unearthed Spoils #008 - Bloodbound Grimoire

by Grimlore

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Magic Rules! There are many types of sorcery, and a few daring souls delve into the esoteric well of blood magic.
Unearthed Spoils #008 - Bloodbound Grimoire contains the following content:
  • PATH OF HEMOKENESIS - These monks harness the life force of blood.
  • BLOOD KNIGHT CONCLAVE - Blood Knight rangers draw on the lifeblood of nature.
  • ELDER VAMPYRE - A warlock pact with an inevitable outcome.
  • BACKGROUND: REVENANT’S BOND - A dance with death left you with strange powers.
  • BACKGROUND: OCCULT SCHOLAR - Your studies of the black arts have a bright side.
  • SANGUINE SPELLS - Attack the lifeblood; use the lifeblood.
  • WOUNDING MAGIC ITEMS - These dwoemer-enchanted items cut deeply.
  • BLOODY BEASTS - Some familiars, many not, but these bleeders bite.
  • 5th-LEVEL ADVENTURE - An ancient patron has turned an heir into a blood-letting tyrant and a countryside is in dire need of help.

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