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Wilderness Map Tiles

by Tailz Silver Paws

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Wilderness Map Tiles

Design your own wilderness adventure maps, with forest pathways, roads, and water features such as rivers and creeks. The package of art assets also includes Fae Grove Walls so that you can design a magical Druid building with walls made from plants and shrubs.

Package Contents

This package of art assets has been designed with the creation of wilderness spaces in mind, thus the assets focus on grasslands, rivers and creeks, and forested areas with a good bit of Fantasy Fae Wild added to the mix.

Expansion of the Grass Assets

In the very first Dungeon Map Tiles package we introduced the Grass tiles, at the time we didn’t know how essential they would become for building spaces between Dungeons. This package includes the original set and expands the Grass Tiles with large tiles. Such as 1×2, 2×1, 2×2, 3×3, and 5×5 area tiles for quickly blocking out large areas of grass.

Plus the assets have been expanded further with:

  • Grass Edge Tiles
  • Grass Basic Steps and Spiral
  • Canal Water Feature
  • Rivulet Water Feature
  • Fae Grove Walls

These assets are designed to give you walls with which you can design a dungeon that appears to be made from shrubs, mushrooms, bushes, flowers, and trees. Great for woodland homes of creatures such as fairies, Druids, or other Fae creatures.

Rocky Road

These assets have been designed for the building of an old broken-up rocky road, or you can use the assets to create the outside of a cave area or just a rocky patch of ground.


We have included a number of different plant assets for filling in adventure maps with mushrooms, waterlilies, and flowers. Plus giant mushrooms, bushes, and trees.

The trees can be placed as single objects, or as a canopy overlay on a foreground layer and a canopy shadow on the background layer.

Concrete Footpath

A simple concrete footpath for traversing grassy areas beside a road through the countryside.


A collection of assets designed for creating a river that cuts through the woodland of your wilderness maps. This river has a sharp bank that drops into the water of a quick-moving stream.


A simple stone walkway bridge asset has been included, plus a multi-part stone road bridge has been added. The multi-part bridge can be made as long or as wide as you want with the multi-parts.

IMPORTANT: This is not a stand-alone game, it is a collection of art assets used for creating adventure maps.

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