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WOB - Campsite Battle Map Pack I

by wrandalljr4

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Introducing: Campsite Battle Map Pack I!   (Revised and Updated)

Immerse Yourself in Diverse Terrains!

Dive into the adventure with beautifully designed campsites, each offering a unique setting and atmosphere! Explore and navigate through varied environments including Forest Clearing, Riverside, Desert Oasis, Mountainous Ledge, and more!

Unique Campsites: Experience distinct campsite maps including day and night versions, all meticulously crafted by our lead designer, Warren W. Randall, Jr.

Dynamic Encounters: Utilize 11 different encounter tables tailored to specific locations like arctic, coastal, desert, forest, and more, each catering to different experience levels (tier 1 to tier 4)! Must have D&D Xanathar's Guide to Everything to utilize the table only!

Interactive Elements: Engage with hidden traps, secrets, and points of interest sprinkled across the maps, enhancing gameplay dynamics and immersion!

What’s Inside:

Detailed Campsite Maps: Discover the allure of varied terrains, each bringing a unique flavor to your adventures!
Encounter Tables: Spice up your gameplay with random encounters tailored to each location and experience level!
Resourceful Information: Benefit from insightful details on resource availability, environmental hazards, shelter areas, and more!
Adventure Hooks & Story Ideas: Infuse your campaigns with exciting quest starters, plot twists, potential allies, and foes!

Perfect for Fantasy Tabletop RPGs!

Whether you're a seasoned Dungeon Master or a passionate player, this map pack is designed to enrich your role-playing experiences, providing diverse scenarios and encounters!

Publisher: Universal Battles Books, RPG

Get Your Copy Now and Elevate Your Gaming Experience!

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