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Starfinder Starship Enhanced

by Silverside05

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With this extension, players can now:

Build Their Own Starship: Customize your starship from the ground up.

Balance Shields in Combat: Adjust and maintain your ship's shields during skirmishes.

Apply Bonuses: After successful evade maneuvers, add miscellaneous tl and ac bonuses to your starship.

Repair Systems: Easily mend ship systems and weapon mounts when they glitch.

Damage Arc Selection: Choose the correct damage arc and apply damage directly on the combat tracker.

To Ensure Proper Function:

1. Drop the PC ship into the party sheet. From there, drag it to the ship combat tracker as usual.

2. The GM should then click the ship control checkboxes on the player they wish to grant control to (specifically on that player's ships tab).

3. Next, click the ship control checkbox in the ship combat tracker.

4. Players should now have the capability to modify items on the ship's tactical page.

5. Additionally, damage can be selected and applied to the PC ship on the player's combat tracker. Just select the appropriate arc and click 'apply damage'.

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