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Adellos Weird West Token Set 2: Gunman

by Adellos

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Get yourself a total of 250 Tokens of skilled, resulute and fearless Gunmen!

This collection of round portrait-style tokens contains 50 individual, high quality artworks, depicting Weird West characters of 5 ethnicities: mexican, asian, native american, caucasian & afro-american. Each Token comes with a yellow/golden, green, red, gunmetal and wooden border/frame.

These tokens will fit well in any of your western style adventures or settings either as player characters or the GMs nefarious, villains and allies, be it on the lush green prairie of Colorado, the snowy mountains of Wyoming or the scorching hot rock formations in Nevada. The 50 individual arts include: 20 female and 20 male adults as well as 5 male & 5 female elderly characters.

We realise that the Weird West is a vastly diverse Setting, that's why we include various ethnicities in every set. Check out our other sets if you need more tokens to enhance your game:

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Amidst the lawless expanse of the Weird West, where the untamed spirit of the Wild West thrives, fearless gunslingers embody the essence of true grit. They stride through dusty towns, engaging in epic shootouts with notorious outlaws, their trusty revolvers blazing in the sun. As lawmen hunt bandits, and duels determine fates, this is the Weird West, where honor and firepower collide in a symphony of justice and bullets.

This product contains assets that were partially procedurally generated with the aid of creative software powered by machine learning, and then underwent post-production by digital artists.

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