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Adellos The After Set 2: Skav

by Adellos

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Get yourself a total of 250 nimble, swift and nifty Aliens which are not from this world!
This collection of round portrait-style tokens contains 50 individual, high quality artworks: 25 Skavs with male and 25 with female appearance each in five different frames (green, red, yellow/gold, gun metal and alexandrite). The set includes .png files and optimised .webp files. Our Tokens will fit well in any of your sci-fi and space style adventures but perfectly in the "The After" setting either as player characters or the GMs nefarious villains and allies.

"The After" is filled with brilliant new races and charecters. Enjoy them whilst playing.
This set is part of a package containing the following sets:

Adellos The After Set 1: Helot
Adellos The After Set 2: Skav [This Set]
Adellos The After Set 3: Changed

This product contains assets that were partially procedurally generated with the aid of creative software powered by machine learning, and then underwent post-production by digital artists.

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