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Adellos Medieval Fantasy Token Set 2: 50 Characters

by Adellos

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This is a collection of 150 portrait virtual Tabletop tokens with 50 different heroes, villains and creatures, each with three different border colours. All images originate from the 'Adellos' fantasy universe but are suitable for any medieval fantasy setting.

In this set are among others:
Dwarves, Elven Druids, Undead & Beasts, Human Bandits & Rangers, Angels, Paladins, Trolls as well as Wizards.
All figures come with green, yellow & red frames so they can easily be used as player characters, as neutral characters or as opponents.

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Although each set comes as its own module for Foundry VTT, the assets can easily be used in any other VTT of your choice or even printed on card stock for use in your offline games. If you are using Foundry we'd suggest moving the tokens all in a folder inside your Foundry data folder. This way you can access all tokens using a wildcard link in Foundry, so every time you create a token it's another art. We've paid much attention to wildcard usability in Foundry. This way you should be able to tell Foundry exactly what kind of token artwork you want for the actor in question.

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