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Fast Tests

by chillhelm

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Tests are such an important part of Savage Worlds since their introduction in SWADE, but they are not automated in FG by default. This little extension closes the gap.

How to use:
- Select the character you want to initiate the test with.
    - Target your victim(s)
    - Roll the skill you want to test with


    - Drop a skill die from your character sheet onto the character you want to target
- Check in the combat tracker, a box should appear under the entry of each of your targets
- The target now has the option to defend against the test, using the button with the corresponding attribute on it.
- If the attacker succeeds, they can choose whether to make the target Vulnerable or Distracted using the check boxes (an indicator for Shaken also appears if they get a Raise)
- The GM has the option to click [Apply] to automatically set the appropriate states (Vulnerable/Distracted/Shaken)

Everyone can see the Distracted/Vulnerable selection, but only the GM and the player in charge of the aggressor can manipulate it.
Only the GM and the player in charge of the tested character can see the Button for defence.
[Unskilled] and skills that don't have an attribute associated with them don't work properly (clicking the defend button pops out a harmless but unhelpful error message), but the GM can still enter a defence value manually and the rest of the logic works without a problem.

The GM can enable the Creative Combat rules from the Options menu. If you enable this option make sure all players (and the GM) have access to the Creative Combat table from the SWADE module (either by loading the module or by the GM sharing it).

The GM can set the Test Defense roll to occur automatically for NPCs, PCs, Neither or Both from the options menu.

Please let me know about any bugs you find here:

The Source Code is also avaiable on github:

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