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Adellos Medieval Token Set 6: Smith

by Adellos

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Get yourself a total of 250 feudal medieval Tokens of skilled, forging and crafty Smiths.

This collection of round portrait-style tokens contains 50 individual, high quality artworks. 
The 50 individual arts include: 15 male & 15 female adults, 5 male & 5 female elderly masters as well as 5 male &  5 female apprenctices.
Each Token comes in five different frames: green, red, yellow/gold, gunmetal and wood.

Our Tokens will fit well in any of your medieval and fantasy adventures or settings either as player characters or the GMs nefarious villains and allies.

It was not your decision to make yet you are here, standing on a hill overlooking the field in front of you. You see squires handing lances and swords to their knights. You see archers fastening the strings of their bows. And you're sure somewhere across the field there is someone just like you, seeing the very same things you do. From all you know it could be a man who was your friend a week ago but today you might have to kill him. And all that just because of a decision your liege lord made. You mount your horse, it is time to ride into battle.

Feudal medieval times were chaotic and wild, but also full of adventure and stories.
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This product contains assets that were partially procedurally generated with the aid of creative software powered by machine learning, and then underwent post-production by digital artists.

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