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Mass Battles

by chillhelm

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This extension facilitates the Mass Battle mechanics from SWADE. (pp. 131, SWADE v5.7).

It automates tracking of force tokens, support for commanders, wounds and fatigue for participants, battle effects, morale bonuses (and penalties).

Before I get into the detailed How To:
- The New Massbattle window (which can be found in the top right corner, next to the Combat Tracker) always has a little hint in it's bottom left corner that tells you what you need to do next.
- In order for this extension to work the players must to have access to the "Battle Effects" Table from the "SWADE Player Guide" Module . Make sure to either share this table with them before the battle starts or have them load the module themselves.

Please head over to the thread on the forums for a detailed how to with pictures:

I hope this extension is helpful and facilitates FFF combat on a new scale.
Any bug reports and feedback are welcome over in the Forum thread linked above.

The full source code for this extension can also be found on github:

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