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Advanced Wildshape

by MyGivinOpinion

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Introducing "Advanced Wildshape," the ultimate extension for taking your FGU transformations to the next level! This cutting-edge tool revolutionizes the Wild Shape and Polymorph experience, combining automation with customization for an unparalleled gaming adventure.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Transformation: Say goodbye to manual adjustments. With Advanced Wildshape, transforming into beasts or creatures is as simple as selecting your choice from a dropdown menu. Watch your character seamlessly shift into their new form, complete with updated stats and abilities.

  2. GM-Approved Filters: Your Game Master has the flexibility to control information visibility. With customizable filters, the GM can decide if players see details prior to transforming. Preserve the excitement and mystery, or reveal all the intricacies—it's in the hands of the GM.

  3. Dynamic Quick Reference: Access all pertinent information at a glance! Advanced Wildshape features a dynamic side panel that displays comprehensive details for Wild Shape and Polymorph transformations. No need to pause the action – keep the game flowing smoothly. So long as the GM permits.

  4. Shapechange Token Mastery: For characters harnessing the potent Shapechange ability, Advanced Wildshape offers a unique token replacement feature. Witness a true metamorphosis as your character's appearance on FGU seamlessly shifts to match their new form.

  5. Intuitive Interface: Enjoy a streamlined and intuitive interface designed to enhance your FGU experience. The extension's dropdown menus, filters, and reference panels are crafted for simplicity, ensuring a delightful experience for both players and GMs.

Shapechange your experience with "Advanced Wildshape" – where transformations are not just advanced, but an adventure in themselves. Unleash the power of your imagination and transform your gaming sessions today!

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