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Adellos Weird West Token Set 6: Huckster

by Adellos

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Get yourself a total of 250 manipulative, opportunistic and deceptive Hucksters!

This collection of round portrait-style tokens contains 50 individual, high quality artworks. The Set includes: 20 female & 20 male adults as well as 5 male & 5 female elderly. Each Token comes in five different frames: green, red, yellow/gold, gunmetal and wood.
Artworks come in five different ethnicities: mexican, asian, native american, caucasian & african.
Our Tokens will fit well in any of your western style adventures or settings either as player characters or the GMs nefarious villains and allies.

We realise that the Weird West is a vastly diverse Setting, that's why we include various ethnicities in every set. Check out our other sets if you need more tokens to enhance your game:

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Veiled beneath the fa├žade of ordinary townsfolk, a potential malefactor may lurk; a sinister gunman, perhaps, if fortune favors the unsuspecting. Yet, in the depths of the Weird West, the peril extends far beyond individual malice. Sinister cults, sworn to worship insidious, unseen devils, weave their clandestine rituals throughout the very fabric of communities. When the cultists convene, the veil is lifted, and their allegiance to darkness becomes unmistakable. To stumble upon their blasphemous rites is to dance perilously on the edge of sacrificial fate, for in the heart of these occult gatherings, trust evaporates like morning mist, leaving only the chilling realization that evil may lie dormant in every shadow, waiting to emerge with nefarious intent.

This product contains assets that were partially procedurally generated with the aid of creative software powered by machine learning, and then underwent post-production by digital artists.

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