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Unearthed Spoils #010 - Dragons!

by Grimlore

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Dragons rule. Where they don’t rule, they terrorize. These beasts of lore rarely lurk behind the scenes when they can fly directly into the fray. They are the stuff of legends.

Unearthed Spoils #010 – Dragons! contains the following content:

  • DRAGONBLOOD RACE – Your draconic heritage blends seamlessly with the fey ancestry of your forebears.
  • OATH OF THE GOLD DRAGON – Your oath upholds the virtues of these lawful good wardens of civilization and arcane knowledge.
  • BACKGROUND: DRAGON HUNTER – A dragon is a dragon is a dragon, and you know how to deal with a dragon.
  • SCALY SPELLS – Before humans, elves and dwarves, dragons of the realm were manipulating magic.
  • DRACONIC MAGIC ITEMS – Scale up your inventory with these dragon-themed magic items.
  • DRACONOMICON – A plethora of dragons and such to add to your dramatis personae
    8th-LEVEL ADVENTURE – A village suffering under the oppression of a chromatic annatto dragon makes a desperate cry for help as it annual human levy approaches.

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