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Unearthed Spoils #012 - Worlds Apart

by Grimlore

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Another world is only a helm and a spell away! Explore the Astral Plane to uncover countless undiscovered creatures and adventures!

Unearthed Spoils #012 – Worlds Apart contains the following content:

  • COSMOS DOMAIN - Fascinated by the night sky as a child, these clerics make stargazing a serious business.
  • CELESTIAL WARDEN - Self-appointed wardens of wildspace, these sorcerers have druid-like powers.
  • BACKGROUND: STARFARER - Here’s a background for a real world traveler.
  • SPELLS FOR THE COSMOS - Six new spells for traveling between worlds, and on them as well.
  • ITEMS FOR THIS WORLD AND THAT - Nine nifty cosmic keepers that might come in handy exploring new worlds.
  • CREATURES BETWEEN WORLDS - Eight NPC and two vehicle stat blocks to add to your inter-stellar games.
  • 4th-LEVEL ADVENTURE - An ambitious captain needs security for her off-world flight to mine a rare mineral near a distant starport. If adventuring amongst celestial bodies isn’t enough enticement, maybe a cut of the prize money is!

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