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Unearthed Spoils #013 - Lycanthropy Unleashed

by Grimlore

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Lycanthropes exist among us. Some are good; most are not - and all live a life that is an out-of-body experience.

Unearthed Spoils #013 – Lycanthropy Unleashed contains the following content:

  • LYCAN’S BANE DOMAIN - Nothing is more venal than a shapeshifter, and nothing is more offensive to these clerics than a soulless lycanthrope.
  • SWANMAY CONCLAVE - Voluntary lycans of the woods, these rangers are a good kind of shapeshifter.
  • BACKGROUND: LYCAN HUNTER - Werebeasts stole your past and shaped your present.
  • SPELLS FOR A SHIFTING WORLD - If you’re going to hunt lycanthropes, these may come in handy.
  • SHAPESHIFTING MAGIC ITEMS - They may change and shift, but the magic within these boons remains constant.
  • CREATURES UNLEASHED - A deadly feast of demons and beasts.
  • 6th-LEVEL ADVENTURE - A desecrated shrine, a stolen relic and a village under siege. Shapeshifters have descended upon the quaint village of Garber and it will take experienced heroes to root out the cause and set things right.

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