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5E Generic Actions

by Grimlore

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Character & NPC sheets now have generic actions on the character sheet!

This stand-alone extension for Fantasy Grounds adds basic actions as clickable buttons on player and non-player character sheets. 

This extension unlocks the following functions:

  • Adds the generic actions found in the 5e Player’s Handbook as buttons on the character sheet.

    • Includes: Grapple, Break Grapple, Shove, Dash, Disengage, Dodge, Help, Hide, Ready, Search, and Use Object.

  • Generic actions that have checks or contesting rolls allow targeting creatures, and rolls are done automatically (completed in a similar manner to spell saving throws). 

    • Checks and contesting rolls support the dice tower

  • NPC’s also gain these buttons on their character sheet —valuable for GMs or player-controlled sidekicks.

For support, please join the Grim Press Discord server.

Detailed instructions on how to use this extension can be found on the FG Forums here.

Please understand that Extensions = RISK: We want users to understand that extensions are code that is added or overrides portions of code in the Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU) application. When the underlying code in FGU changes it can break an extension. We promise to maintain support as FGU is updated. When you run with other extensions they can conflict by trying to overwrite the same parts of the FGU code. We will keep this extensions working with FGU changes, and other extensions created by Grim Press. We make no promises to resolve conflicts caused by extensions created by other authors.

Art and maps in the screenshots are not included with this extension.

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