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Unearthed Spoils #016 - Frigid Fey

by Grimlore

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The Frigid Court is an unforgiving realm within the lands of the fey.

Unearthed Spoils #016 - Frigid Fey contains the following content:
  • CIRCLE OF THE WINTER FEY - The winter court seems barren to some, but these druids find it rich in natural power.
  • HIBERNAL HUNTER CONCLAVE - These rangers are hardened to the cold.
  • BACKGROUND: BEEKEEPER - You’re the whole ball of wax when it comes to all things bees.
  • GLACIAL SPELLS - Make your enemies’ blood run cold with these arcane dweomers.
  • MIDWINTER MAGIC ITEMS - You’ll find yourself as cold as ice without these implements of winter.
  • FRIGID FEY FIENDS - Creatures from beyond the pale that might leave you frozen stiff.
  • 6th-LEVEL ADVENTURE - One of the paragons of the Ice Blood elves has been brazenly removed from the Midwinter Queen’s court during their greatest ritual. The new holder of the missing Crystal Heart could end the elves forever.

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