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5E Better Combat Effects Gold

by Grimlore

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Better Combat Effects Gold  (BCEG) is an extension that allows for fine tuning of when effects are enabled, disabled, removed, and added. Better Combat Effects Gold is specifically tuned to support 5E Automatic Effects packages. The features added allow BCEG and 5eAE to automate NPCs and PC effects to work as written in Fantasy Grounds Unity.

Building off of the wildly popular free extension Better Combat Effects (BCE), BCEG is the next evolution of the product. It is backwards compatible, while adding new and exciting features. All future development will happen within BCEG.

This extension provides dozens and dozens of modifier tags to assist with the timing of activation, deactivation or removal (ADR). Including, but not limited to:

  • ADR when an actor takes the attack action

  • ADR an effect when an actor takes damage

  • ADR an effect when the target takes damage

  • Add a second effect when the first one expires

  • Setting duration of effects

  • Ongoing Damage

  • Ongoing Regeneration

  • Ongoing Saves

  • ADR an effect when based on rests, or prevent rest benefits

  • Saves vs conditions

  • Stacking effects

  • ADR an effect based on start or end of turn

  • Support for processing NPC effects based on Class, Level and Proficiency

In addition to the extension, the included instruction module has a full list of the supported tags, examples of how to use them and details on the various options for the extension itself.

Features Added to BCEG

  • Save vs Condition - Saves against conditions will automatically be granted adv/dis based on the traits of the actor making the saving throw.

  • ADVCOND,DISCOND: [condition] - Explicit advantage/disadvantage when rolling a save vs condition

  • Ongoing Saves (ADV) (DIS) - (ADV)(DIS) can be added to BCE ongoing saves to grant advantage or disadvantage

  • DUR: (N) - Dynamically set the duration of the effect at time of add. (N) can be number or dice string

  • SAVERESTL - Perform ongoing save on long rest

  • SSAVES, SSAVEE - Perform ongoing save on the source of the effects turn.

  • EFFINIT: (N) - Set the initiative of the effect on add

  • NOREST, NORESTL - Actor gains no benefit from short rest/long rest

  • DMGA,DMGD,DMGR now accept damage and range types as filters

  • ATKD,ATKA,ATKR - Activate, Deactivate, Remove effect when the attack action is taken

  • SAVEADD: (N) (effect) - Will only activate when the save fails by (N). Think of this as a "Hard fail". If (-N) will fire when the result is N or less.

  • Replace FGU [] Tags - Tags like [PRF][LVL][CLASS] can now be defined in the NPC sheet effect list as (PRF)(LVL)(CLASS) to process as expected

  • (DE) - Will disable the effect on use

  • SDC - Can be written as [SDC] or (SDC)

  • (E) - Will remove the effect when the source of the effect drops to 0 HP

Replace FGU []

FG allows for PCs to have special tags in effects such as [STR] [PRF] [LVL] [CLERIC] which are automatically translated. Because of the square bracket [] format, these tags do not work for NPCs in the CT. BCEG allows these tags to be written with parentheses () instead which allows these tags to work with NPCs. 5eAE uses these () in NPC power definitions and BCEG will translate these correctly, while BCE will not.  

Save vs Condition

Saves against conditions will automatically be granted adv/dis based on the traits of the Actor making the saving throw.

For support on our extensions, please join the Grim Press Discord server.

Detailed instructions on how to use Better Combat Effects Gold can also be found at FG Forums - Better Combat Effects Gold.

Grab 5e Automatic Effects on the DMs Guild today, or find more information about our coding effects on the FG Forums.

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