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Unearthed Spoils #017 - Aberrant Alienation

by Grimlore

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There are many realms. When a breach opens between them, alien forms may intrude.
Unearthed Spoils #017 - Aberrant Alienation contains the following content:
  • COLLEGE OF DISSONANCE - These bards augment harmony with subtle discord.
  • VOIDHUNTER DOMAIN - Clerics of this domain strive to keep the world native.
  • BACKGROUND: FALCONER - A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, unless the two in the bush follow your commands.
  • ALIEN ARCANA - Turn the tables on world intruders by using their magic against them.
  • ABERRANT MAGIC ITEMS - Thirteen curious oddities to cook their goose.
  • EXOTIC OUTSIDERS - Trouble comes in many forms, and these abominations are horrific.
  • 10th-LEVEL ADVENTURE - When a rift forms over a desolate land, nearby settlements are threatened by visitors coming from the fluttering disturbance. While bureaucrats ponder a plan, a call goes out for experienced adventurers to end the intrusion.  

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