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by rob2e

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Shops for Fantasy Grounds!

This extension for Fantasy Grounds VTT allows the DM to prepare shops that can be shared with your players.

This extension makes it possible to purchase items for your character, and automatically deduct its cost from your character sheet.

The included module contains shops for all items in the Players Handbook.

You can even adjust the markup to change the prices of all items in the shop.

The players can browse through the shop, select items for purchase, and add the purchased items to their character inventory.

Shops can have a limited inventory or items can be set as unlimited.

When the items in the shopping cart are purchased, the cost is automatically deducted from the player's character sheet.

DMs can also set a markup value, making items in the shop more or less expensive.

Random shops can be easily created using Fantasy Grounds rollable tables.

By having the table output a parcel, the parcel can be dropped into a shop to instantly populate the shop with items.

This product contains the extension and a module containing some example shops.

Due to how Fantasy Grounds implements player permissions over module entries, Shops from a module must be copied into your campaign, and the copy must be shared with the player. Shops shared directly from modules will not work properly.

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