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Turn Based Effects

by rob2e

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ONTURN may be added to any effect you would like to expire after usage, but reactive for the next player's turn.

This is useful for many abilities and features characters can have.

One shining example is the ranger's Colossus Slayer ability, which can deal extra damage to something that has been wounded but may only be used once per turn.

Colossus Slayer; IFT: wounded; DMG: 1d8; ONTURN can be added to any ranger with this ability and then left and forgotten.

After the player rolls damage, it will check if the target is wounded; if they are, it will roll another 1d8 for the damage.

Then, the effect will be deactivated until the turns change.

This allows the ranger to only use one of their attacks but still allows them to get the damage if they gain an opportunity attack.

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