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Automatic Sneak Attack

by rob2e

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Fantasy Grounds Automatic Sneak Attack

This will allow you to add an effect to a rogue that can always just be left on.

Sneak Attack as an effect will check if there is an enemy of the target within 5' and, if so, calculate how many d6s the rogue gets for its sneak attack damage and apply the effect automatically.

When used with Fantasy Grounds Turn Based Effects - AVAILABLE HERE (as is recommended), On the turn, the rogue will only receive sneak attack damage once. This is known as Sneak Attack; ONTURN.

This also checks for rakish audacity if you happen to be a swashbuckler rogue.

One thing to note is that it calculates the number of d6s based on the Rogue level in the character sheet, so if that has been renamed to something else, this won't work.

This does require tokens from the combat tracker to be on a map with a grid to work properly.

This also adds a creature-type vehicle that does not get considered for calculating sneak attack bonus damage.

So if you're playing Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus the infernal war machines won't be triggering the sneak damage.

If your rogue happens to have the same strength as dexterity modifier you may need to manually set finesse weapons to use "Dex" instead of "Base" in the ACTIONS tab for that weapon.

Figure 1 - Brian the rogue targets an enemy

See images.

Figure 2 - Brian has the "Sneak Attack; ONTURN" effect

See images.

Figure 3 - Brian Rolls his attack, upon hitting automatically has Sneak Damage effect applied, and the Sneak Attack effect turned off for the rest of the turn.

See images.

Supports the Insightful fighting feat with targeted effects.

To utilize this:

1. Create a power on the rogue which targets self with a duration of 1 minute. ![effect]

2. Perform the checks manually as you would otherwise.

A. After a successful application:

1. Hold SHIFT while dragging the insightful fighting effect onto your target.

* This will apply the effect to you, but only work against the targeted creature. ![targetedEffect]

2. Attack as normal and you'll gain the sneak damage effect upon a hit against your insightful fighting target.

See images.

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