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Next Level XP Automation

by rob2e

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Fantasy Grounds Next Level XP Automation

The extension auto-updates the "Next Level XP" when a PC levels up in the 5E ruleset. It will also make the XP number uneditable by players (only the DM can make changes).

There is a global message when a player's character levels up, and the player hears a 'ding' when the message appears in chat. *a player needs to be logged in and have a character for this to occur*

When the player's character receives experience, the player will see a message providing the current experience total as well as what is needed for the next level. The message also says how many experience points are needed to level. *A player needs to be logged in and have a character for this to occur*

In the options, under 'Game (GM)' there is an option for 'Experience Chart Type'. The default is Standard level 20, options are Standard level 30, and off (which will require the DM to manually enter in the total exp needed). The experience needed box will auto-populate with the appropriate experience totals for the levels and will stop updating the value at the appropriate levels as well. 20 and 30 respectively.

Only GM can set chat messages... also put the 2 options for exp chart and exp messaging under Game (GM) still the same setup... "Enable" all messages for Players, "On Level" only when they have enough to level, and "off" - no messages.

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