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NPC Random Treasure Drops

by rob2e

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NPC Random Treasure Drops

This Extension provides tools to generate treasure specific to the NPC's encountered.

Add conditions to tables to roll when looting NPCs with specific names, CR, AC, HP, Actions, Traits, Speeds, Types, or ability scores!

Adds Random Treasure Parcels and buttons on the Combat Tracker, NPC's, and Encounters to generate Treasure or create Random Treasure Parcels.

This extension is best enjoyed with, but not limited to, the Dungeon Masters Guide and the Players Handbook modules for use of their Items and Tables.

New Items!

The Module in this package provides homebrewed items stuffed into Random Treasure Parcels for your Players to take as a trophy, crafting material, or an unusual weapon.

There are also Spell Components to provide your spellcaster material needs.

New Tables give you the freedom to get into the game!

The extension uses mundane Items and Spell Components when looting Humanoids or Spellcasters.

Get out of the Treasure Horde and start spreading the wealth!

See the video below...

Rob Twohy | rob2e




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