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by rob2e

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This extension adds a number of different graphical indicators to PC and NPC tokens on a map.

These indicators help both the DM and Players know what's going on at a glance.

The types of indicators this extension adds depend on the ruleset and include:

Initiative Indicator (working for all CoreRPG Rulesets) - Displays an indicator showing which token has initiative. This can make it easier to find the current token on the map.

Targeted Indicator (Working for all CoreRPG Rulesets) - Displays an indicator on all tokens targeted by the current initiative holder. This can be especially helpful to make sure you are not targeting yourself!

Health Status (5e, 4e) - Shows how wounded the PC/NPC is by displaying a blood spatter image that gets progressively more intense.

Death Status (5e, 4e) - Shows when the PC/NPC is Dying, Dead, or Stable.

Saving Throw Results (5e) - Displays on each token the results of a saving throw. Whether they had a successful save, a save for half damage, or a failed save.

As this is a complicated programmed feature, if you are having any issues, please come to our Discord and tag @Mattekure so he can help you... Discord server -

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