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This extension enhances and compliments all of the Team Twohy coding packages.

Since the coding packages could not include any of the descriptive text for the various spells, powers, traits, or other entries, this extension automates the process of copying the descriptive text over when it is loaded.

Each spell/power entry in the Team Twohy coding packages contains a single link to the original source material.

For example, all of the Twohy Coding package versions of the Players Handbook spells contain the new codes and a single link to the Players Handbook Module version of that spell in the description field.

This extension checks if the referenced module is loaded, and if so copies over the description.

If the original source material is not loaded or not available, it will do nothing with the link.

Players will need to copy the spell/power over to their character sheet and reopen it from there to replace the description.

Use of this extension is ONLY NEEDED if you own any of the Team Twohy codings modules.

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