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2D6 Dungeon (Level 1 only)

by Gwydion

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2D6 Dungeon is a classic-style dungeon crawl, print & play, roll-and-write game designed for solo play.

You explore randomly generated dungeon rooms, fight creatures, and collect treasure as you gain experience and levels and strive to become a legendary adventurer. Every adventure and dungeon is unique.

With the author, Toby Lancaster's permission, I have attempted to create a module with virtually everything you need to play the first of ten dungeon levels for 2D6 Dungeon.  You will, however, also need the following:

Please support Toby and purchase the books directly from his website here:

I hope you enjoy!  If you do, please drop me a PM, message me on discord, or drop a note on the forum page.

Build 1 - Initial Build

Build 2 - Fixed Errors

Build 3 - Added encounters to all modified table

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